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Powerful $avings!
*Eligible Models:
  Powerful $avings!
  Save on new select Kuhn Power Harrows with Power $avings!

  • $2,500 off HR 3004, 3504, 4004, and 4504 models
  • $3,500 off HR 5004 and 6004 models

Program Details

Download and print the Powerful $avings coupon from one of the following links:

For U.S.: U.S. Power Harrow Coupon

For Canada: Canadian Power Harrow Coupon

Take this coupon to your dealer and make your best deal on a select new Kuhn power harrow. Your dealer will honor the value of this coupon on your bill of sale. This Power $avings coupon is a discount towards your purchase of a new power harrow. Itís above and beyond the offer you receive from your dealer.

This offer expires on September 30, 2017.

See dealer for details!

* Promotion is subject to change without notice.
* Prior model years may be included in the promotion. See dealer for details.